BASL BLTG School of Transplantation 2019 ONLINE BOOKING

Moller Centre - Cambridge

03 May - 04 May 2019

BASL School of Transplantation will be held at The Moller Centre, Storey's Way, Cambridge over the 3rd & 4th May 2019

The event, including overnight accommodation if required on the Friday night, is free to attend (a refundable deposit is taken at the time of booking) for all BASL/BLTG medically qualified members in training and is restricted to 40 delegates.


Friday 3rd May 2019

12.00-13.00     Registration & Lunch


13:00-13:10     Introduction and Welcome – Dr Jo Leithead, Hepatologist, Cambridge


Increasing access to liver transplantation


Chair – Dr Alex Gimson, Hepatologist, Cambridge


13:10-13:40     The expansion of the donor pool

 Mr James Richards, Surgical Clinical Fellow, Cambridge


13:40-14:00     Increasing access through allocation

 Dr Alex Gimson, Hepatologist, Cambridge



14:00-14:30     When to refer – reducing the post code lottery

 Dr Grace Dolman, Hepatology Clinical Fellow, Cambridge


14:30-15:00     Opening up the window of opportunity

 Dr Brian Hogan, Intensivist and Hepatologist, Kings College Hospital



15:00-15:30     Refreshments



Weighing up the risk benefit ratio of liver transplantation (MDT case based discussion)


Chair: Mr Paul Gibbs, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge


15:30-16:15     The patient with the metabolic syndrome

(Dr Farhan Gohar, Hepatology SPR, Kings/Dr Brian Hogan, Intensivist and Hepatologist, Kings/Dr Jo Leithead, Hepatologist, Cambridge)


16:15-17:00     The patient with alcohol related cirrhosis

(SPR-TBC/Dr Andrew Holt, Hepatologist, Birmingham/Dr Jonathan Wood, Psychiatrist, Cambridge)


17:00-17:45     The patient with hepatocellular carcinoma

(Dr Vas Galanakis, Hepatology SPR, Cambridge/Mr Paul Gibbs, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge/Dr Dave Bowden, Radiologist, Cambridge)


19:30               Course Dinner


DAY TWO – Morning

A crash course in…


Chair: Dr Jo Leithead, Hepatologist, Cambridge


08:30-09:00      The multiorgan dysfunction of acute liver failure

  Prof Will Bernal, Professor of Liver Intensive Care, Kings College Hospital


09:00-09:30      Liver transplant surgical techniques

 Mr Simon Harper, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge


09:30-10:00      Histopathology in the transplanted liver

 Dr Adam Duckworth, Histopathologist, Cambridge


10:00-10:30      Immunosuppression

 Dr Bill Griffiths, Hepatologist, Cambridge



10:30-10:45     Refreshments



Thinking about the alternatives


Chair – George Mells, Hepatologist, Cambridge


10:45-11:15     Trainee led debate: Liver transplantation should be a treatment option for acute alcoholic hepatitis.


-        For: Laura Blackmore, SPR Kings

-        Against: Douglas Corrigal, SPR Basildon/Institute of Hepatology, Kings


 11:15-12:30     Portal vein thrombosis


-          Keeping options open (30 mins)

Dr Jo Leithead, Hepatologist & Dr TC See, Interventional Radiologist, Cambridge


-          Intraoperative management (15 mins)

Mr Andrew Butler, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge  


-          Multivisceral transplantation (30 mins)         

Miss Irum Amin, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge



 12:30-13:30     Lunch


DAY TWO – Afternoon

Managing the transplant recipient through the eyes of the multidisciplinary team  (MDT case based discussion)


Chair: Vicky Snowdon, Hepatologist, Cambridge


13:30-14:15     The liver transplant recipient with rejection 

(Dr Gwilym Webb, Hepatology SPR, Cambridge/Dr Bill Griffiths, Hepatologist, Cambridge/Dr Sue Davies, Histopathologist, Cambridge)



14:15-15:00     The liver transplant recipient with cholangitis

(Dr Jay Patel, Hepatology SPR, Cambridge/Dr Jo Leithead, Hepatologist, Cambridge/Mr Paul Gibbs, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge)



15:00-15:15     Refreshments


15:15-16:00     The liver transplant recipient with ascites

(Dr Katie Arndtz, Hepatology SPR, Cambridge/Dr Mike Allison, Hepatologist, Cambridge/Mr Simon Harper, Transplant Surgeon, Cambridge/Dr TC See, Interventional Radiologist, Cambridge)


16:00   CLOSE


This event is aimed at SPRs / Doctors in Training with an NTN

This is a weekend residential event, which is free to BASL medically qualified members in training, the cost to non-members is £125 and includes: 



Please complete the online registration form below to book your place. The event is limited to 40 places and available to SPRs/Doctors in Training.

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Event Cost: Free to BASL / BLTG medically qualified members in training (a refundable deposit is taken at the time of booking) and £125 to non-members. 



Registration Course cost:

BASL in training members - Free (*a £120 refundable deposit will be taken on booking*)
Non-members £125 (non-refundable)

*Members Refundable Deposit

For members, on completion of the booking form, a refundable deposit of £120 will be taken and will be returned to you after you have attended the event.  If you do not attend the meeting or do not use any accomodation that you have booked and do not notify us within 2 weeks of the meeting, you will forfeit your deposit. Please see the cancellation policy below.

If you have any queries, please contact the Secretariat on or +44 (0)1543 442154. 


Cancellation Policy

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