Immune-Mediated Liver Disease Special Interest Group 

The Immune-Mediated Liver Disease Special Interest Group (SIG) is an affiliate of the British Association for Study of Liver Disease (BASL) and cross cuts existing programmes of activity as part of UK-PSC, UK-PBC, UK-AIH and IgG4-related hepatobiliary disease. The remit of this programme will be to generate high quality multi-centre observational cohort studies, increase patient registration to each of the core UK-autoimmune liver disease strands, and perhaps most importantly, develop collaborative grant applications on a larger scale, focussing on key areas of research priority set out by patients, clinicians and industry.  If anyone wishes to join the group please contact the BASL secretariat on  

Steering Committee

Dr Palak Trivedi (Chair), University Hospitals Birmingham

Dr Richard Aspinall, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

Dr Emma Culver, Oxford University Hospitals

Dr Jessica Dyson, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Professor Michael Heneghan, King's College Hospital, London

Professor David Jones, Newcastle University

Dr George Mells, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Dr Douglas Thorburn, Royal Free Hospital, London

Dr Andrew Yeoman, Royal Gwent Hospital


Patient representatives:

Ann Brownlee, AIH Support

Ian Steer, IgG4 

Robert Mitchell-Thain, PBC Foundation

Martine Walmsley, PSC Support


Annual reports

Annual report 2018-19 -  Download Annual report_2018-19_Immune SIG.pdf.


1st meeting - 11 July 2019  

Meeting report -  Download Action_Points_Immune SIG meeting 11.7.19.pdf.


AIH Support

AIH Support is one of the organisations providing patient representation on the SIG. The aims of AIH Support are to provide information and support for anyone affected by AIH. The organisation will represent all AIH patients to help with improving the treatment of and research into this rare condition. Visit the AIH Support website at  

PBC Foundation

The PBC Foundation is one of the organisations providing patient representation on the SIG. The Foundation is a charity offering support and information to PBC sufferers, their families and friends. It is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC. Visit the PBC Foundation website at

PSC Support

PSC Support is the only UK-based organisation solely focused on improving the lives of people affected by PSC, and funding PSC-specific research. PSC Support provides high quality education and support, and advocates for the needs of people affected by PSC in policy development and clinical services. Visit the PSC support website at 


 BASL has set up a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are linked to the NIHR’s Clinical Research Network (CRN) topic areas. The Immune-Mediated Liver Disease SIG has been active for one year, with an initial lead appointed by the BASL Committee. BASL is now seeking nominations for an elected Lead for this SIG. 

Eligibility requirements

·        All nominees should be members of the Immune SIG, as a BASL member or as an associate member of BASL through being a member of the SIG

·        Each nominee should have a proposer and seconder, who should also be BASL members or associate members through the Immune SIG

·        The initial Lead can stand for election once

·        Should a contested election be held, BASL / Immune SIG members may vote in this

·        The elected Lead will serve for two years, when there will be a further election.

Nomination process

·        Please send nominations to the BASL Secretariat at by 17:00 on 17 December 2019

·        If more than one candidate is nominated, the Secretariat will arrange for an election, in which all BASL / Immune SIG members may vote

·        Should an election be required, candidates will need to submit a personal statement of up to 300 words

·        The successful candidate will be elected by a simple majority of those members voting

·        Any queries should be addressed to

About the Immune SIG

The Immune SIG is linked to the Immune CRN topic area. The SIG comprises members from a variety of disciplines. Further information may be found elsewhere on this webpage.

The role of the SIG Lead

A SIG is expected to meet at least once a year. The BASL secretariat provides administrative support for SIGs, which includes creating and maintaining SIG member databases, arranging meetings and associated materials, and arranging publicity.

The role of the SIG Lead includes:

·        Chairing SIG meetings and co-ordinating actions to be pursued

·        Helping to co-ordinate bids for funding for trials and other research, and linking with the NIHR and other funders

·        Ensuring the SIG is recognised and supported within the Immune CRN topic area

·        Participating in meetings of the BSG / BASL Liver Research Development Group, which usually meets three times a year in London

·        Reporting on SIG activities to BASL, in particular via liaison with BASL’s Research Subcommittee.

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