Portal Hypertension Special Interest Group

The Portal Hypertension Special Interest Group (SIG) was established to facilitate collaborations in clinical and translational research, and to provide a platform to nurture discussion in best management of patients in this complex and rapidly evolving area. The SIG is linked to Cirrhosis and its Complications CRN topic area.

Portal Hypertension is a very active research area, with recent NIHR HTA funding of two randomised controlled trials which have the potential to become the largest ever clinical trials in cirrhosis. Translational research has been boosted by studies on non-invasive assessment of Portal Hypertension, and exciting new drugs.  There is also much debate on the best management of patients with regard to medical and radiological therapies. The SIG lead is Dr David Patch of Royal Free Hospital, London. If anyone wishes to join this group please contact the BASL Secretariat at paula@basl.org.uk.

Steering Committee

Dr David Patch (Chair), Royal Free Hospital, London

Dr Abhishek Chauhan, University Hospitals Birmingham, Trainee representative

Professor Jonathan Fallowfield, University of Edinburgh

Professor Peter Hayes, University of Edinburgh

Dr Joanna Leithead, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Mandy Lomax, Patient representative

Dr Raj Mookerjee, University College London

Professor Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham

Dr Vikram Sharma, Royal London Hospital

Professor Adrian Stanley, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Dr Emmanouil Tsochatzis, University College London

Steering Committee Minutes

Steering Committee meeting -  Download BASL Portal Hypertension SIG Steering Committee Meeting Minutes_17.6.20.pdf


Annual reports
Annual report 2018-19 -  Download Annual report_2018-19_PH SIG.pdf

1st full meeting - 1 May 2019
Meeting report - Download BASL Portal Hypertension Special Interest Group Inaugural Meeting Report.._.pdf.

Updates on active research studies:

Presentation on CALIBRE trial, Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham - Download CALIBRE_Presentation_BASL_PortalHypertensionSIG.pdf.

Presentation on CALIBRE trial, Khaled Ahmed, University of Birmingham - Download Khaled Ahmed (Abdul) BASL SIG V2.pdf.

Presentation on BOPP trial, Vish Patel & Mark McPhail, Kings College Hospital London - Download BOPPP Overview_Portal HTN SiG Birmingham_01.05.2019.pdf.

Presentation on ASEPTIC trial, Alastair O'Brien, University College London - Download SIG_BASL_BSG_ASEPTIC.pdf.

Presentation on vascular liver disease: MPN SVT, Frederick Chen, Barts Health NHS Trust - Download BASL talk 1.5.19 Vascular Liver Disease Chen.pdf.

Presentation on vascular liver disease, David Patch, Royal Free Hospital, London - Download BASL SIG2 2019 Vascular Liver Disease Patch.pdf.


Presentation on Public & Patient Involvement/Engagement (PPIE), Laura Chapman, University Hospitals Birmingham & Mandy Lomax, Patient Representative - Download Presentation on PPIE.pdf.

Clinical guidelines

Presentation on TIPSS guidelines, David Patch, Royal Free Hospital, London & Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham - Download TIPSS Guideline.pdf.

Presentation on ascites guidelines, Naaventhan Palaniyappan, University of Nottingham & Emilie Wilkes, Nottingham University Hospitals -  Download BSG Ascites Guidelines EW.pdf.

Service development

Presentation on management of refractory ascites and the role of the alfapump, Raj Mookerjee, University College London -  Download ALFA Pump discussion_BASL PHT SIG 010519.pdf.

Presentation on TIPSS service, David Patch, Royal Free Hospital, London, Peter Hayes, University of Edinburgh & Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham -  Download EarlyTIPSS_PHT_SIG_May2019.pdf

Research in development

Presentation on CALIBRE substudies, Raj Mookerjee, University College London - Download CALIBRE sub_study BASL SIG 010519.pdf.

Presentation on relaxin, biomarkers in AKI/HRS, Jonathan Fallowfield,  University of Edinburgh - Download BASL PHT SIG slides_JF.pdf.

Presentation on HVPG, Raj Mookerjee, University College London - Download MRI and Haemodynamics_BASLPHT SIG 010519.pdf.

Presentation on statins, Raj Mookerjee, University College London - Download Liverhope_BASL PHT SIG 010519.pdf.

Presentation on BEAMinG, Naaventhan Palaniyappan, University of Nottingham - Download BEAMING_PHTN SIG 1May2019.pdf.

Presentations on BOPP and CALIBRE trials from BASL 2019 Symposium

Presentation on BOPP, Vishal Patel, Kings' College London -  Download BOPPP Overview_BASL Ix Meeting_18.09.2019_for portalHTNSiG.PDF
Presentation on CALIBRE, Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham -  Download D_Tripathi_BASL_CALIBRE.PDF
Presentation on BOPP-CALIBRE interplay, Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham, Vishal Patel & Mark McPhail, Kings' College London -  Download CALIBRE&BOPPP_Symposium_BASL2019_Interplay.pdf.

2nd full meeting - 23 January 2020
Meeting report - Download BASL Portal Hypertension Special Interest Group 2nd Meeting Report 2020.pdf.


Guidelines Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Stent-Shunt (TIPSS) in the management of portal hypertension (4/3/20) - https://gut.bmj.com/content/69/7/1173 

Guidelines on the Management of Ascites in Cirrhosis - The British Society of Gastroenterology in collaboration with British Association for the Study of the Liver has prepared this document (11/11/20) -  Download gutjnl-2020-321790.full_.pdf

SIG Meeting Recordings 2021

Portal Hypertension SIG meeting - 5th May 2021

View a programme here >  Download Portal Hypertension SIG Meeting Prog 5 May 2021 v7.pdf

Watch the meeting by clicking > here.

NB: the presentation by Prof Debbie Shawcross can be viewed as a seperate video by clicking > here .  

Portal Hypertension SIG Webinar - Updates on TIPSS for variceal bleeding - 7th July 2021


  • Moderator: Prof Peter Hayes
  • Case presentation: “When is a TIPSS in acute variceal bleeding too late?” Speaker: Dr Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham
  • Current guidelines and future directions: Speaker: Dr David Patch, Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • Service and economic implications: Speaker: Dr Jo Leithead, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert.

Watch the webinar by clicking > here .

Portal Hypertension SIG Webinar - Updates on TIPSS for Ascites - 17th November 2021


  • Moderator: Prof Dhiraj Tripathi, University Hospitals Birmingham
  • TIPSS for ascites: Optimal patient selection. Speaker: Prof Juan Carlos Garica-Pagan, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
  • Economic evaluation of TIPSS for ascites: Speaker: Prof Guru Aithal, Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre, Nottingham
  • Conclusion by moderator

Watch the webinar by clicking > here .

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